February 26th, 2015

outfit no. 122

My only complaint about my apartment’s photo spot is that the rooftop wind makes my hair appear either far flatter or far wilder than it is in actuality. I spend at least 50% of my outfit photo taking time trying to smooth my hair into some semblance of obedience while simultaneously attempting to avoid any of my neighbors spotting the weirdo on the roof. A peek into the highly glamorous life of a blogger. So, I am all about breton stripes lately. My Pinterest board is overflowing with striped styling concepts. I love the chic Parisian / Hepburn effortlessness of a striped tee, trousers and red lipstick — or in my case a skirt, chelsea boots and coral lipstick.

Shirt: J Crew // Skirt: StitchFix // Tights: ModCloth // Boots: Old Navy

February 24th, 2015

outfit no. 121

It’s official. I am ready for increased vitamin D intake — my skin is basically reflecting the sun, rather than absorbing it, at this point. To channel my fleeting summer desires, I decided to use sea salt texture spray and my hair straightener to create some surf-inspired beach waves. Initially, I felt fairly proud of myself because I rarely do anything interesting to my hair. Then, upon arriving at work I was greeted with a chorus of: “What happened to your hair?” “What did you do?” and “Is that YOU?” Ah, high schoolers. Also, now I remember why I never do anything different with my hair. Despite the harsh critiques from my sartorial-savvy seventeen year olds, I still think it turned out cute for my first go and intend to wave my hair with wild abandon until I am actually at the sea.

Shirt: J Crew // Scarf: StitchFix // Skirt & Shoes: Gap

February 19th, 2015

camping // big sur.

“And when the fog’s over and the stars and the moon come out at night it’ll be a beautiful sight.”
– Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

Lately I feel as though I can’t sit still — I find myself on long, meandering walks through the tree-lined parks of San Francisco attempting to sufficiently tire both my body and mind. I can’t stop processing, over-processing really, everything from dreaming up social justice projects for my students to the stress of my upcoming graduate school thesis to planning our next California microadventures. The ever-reaching strands eventually become so tangled that I can no longer extricate myself without some serious lifestyle shifting.

So, when our friends invited us to join them on a weekend sojourn to Big Sur, I jumped at the chance to spend some time among the trees. Big Sur is still one of those ethereal places for me, a place that I can’t quite believe exists with its craggy coastlines and towering redwoods. Our first drive there was marked by rain and fog while this one brought only a ubiquitous sun. February mistook itself for June and everyone had donned swimsuits — we sipped Chardonnay on the beach, spotted spray from migrating whales, ran into the still frigid waves with Sherman and I learned how to play bocce ball via keen observation. There were tomatillos and breakfast burritos and campfires and ghost stories and s’mores. All perfectly quintessential and comforting and just what I needed. On the way home we also managed to stop and view the Instagram-famous McWay falls. Just as quickly as we’d snapped a few photos, the fog rolled in, pressing itself heavily against the cliffs. Suddenly, there was no more ocean and we were simply standing on the edge of the earth.

The whole trip was refreshing and a keen reminder of all the things I am so grateful for — nature, salty air, adventure, air mattresses, good food, good wine, good company and my men (Jared & Sherm).

February 17th, 2015

outfit no. 120

I wanted to post this outfit in order to discuss Old Navy’s Pixie Pant. I have been loathe to purchase new black work pants, but I am just so tired of cuffing the ankles of everything and currently do not own any black pants. I’ve heard talk about these Pixies for a while, ON got pretty aggressive with marketing them last year, but I recently caught them on sale and rather impulsively bought a pair last month. Since I chose to purchase the pants in black, it’s hard to see the detailing — they definitely look more like pants than leggings or jeggings (real buttons, y’all). I also bought these in a petite size because sometimes “ankle” means different things to taller people. While I am a curvier petite, the shoulder and length sizing in petite clothes tend to suit my body better. And, while I love Gap, I do not always love ON — so here is my honest take on the Pixie Pant.

Positives: They don’t pull or scrunch anywhere troublesome — some normal bunching at the knees. The length is perfect for cuff-weary shorties. Work appropriate. Stretch a little bit at the waist to avoid any muffin-top potential despite being a tight fit. They’ve got me channeling Audrey Hepburn.

Negatives: They attract dog hair like woah! Compared to these pants from Gap, the material feels really cheap (and the Gap pants were actually cheaper). They are a tighter than normal fit and definitely emphasize the hips (which I don’t particularly mind, but might be problematic for others).

Overall: 3/5 — I think they will be a decent pair of work pants, but I’m not sure if they’ll become a heavily repeated staple.

Shirt & Shoes : Gap // Pants: Old Navy

February 11th, 2015

outfit no. 119

Jared has been gone for a few days and I’ve been wholly ensconced in the deeply addictive world of Stars Hollow. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls in it’s entirety twice before — when it was on TV and when I downloaded every single season with my super fast, devil-may-care Internet connection in South Korea. Now that it has re-emerged on Netflix, I’ve been re-watching periodically with a great, huge binge this weekend complete with chocolate and popcorn. Then, one of my favorite episodes, “You Jump, I Jump, Jack,” featuring the Life and Death Brigade came on and I actually got up to find this shirt and wear it for the duration of the episode with only Sherman to witness the action. But yes, I am that big of a nerd. I then felt inspired to wear it to work, with the later addition of a hat for errands.

Hat: Korea // Shirt: LookHuman // Dress: Swapped // Tights: StitchFix // Shoes: Gap

February 9th, 2015

outfit no. 118

This outfit is an ode to black. I love wearing black — not because some magazine told me it was the most flattering color for my skintone (I’m sure it’s not), but because for just a moment in junior high I was a little wannabe goth tween. I had black nailpolish, black lipstick and wore it gleefully (primarily without any adult’s knowledge, it was my one true act of rebellion). Plus, in the everlasting words of Jay Z: “Get y’all black tees on / All black everything / Black cards, black cars / All black everything.” And if there’s anyone we should all take fashion advice from, it’s Jay Z.

Dress: Gap // Tights: StitchFix // Boots: Old Navy // Scarf: Korea

February 6th, 2015

five fandom friday // funko favorites.

Funko POP vinyl toys have lingered on the peripheral of my geek life for a while. I am not one to accumulate collections or clutter, so I typically eschewed jumping on the Funko bandwagon. Also, many of the people I saw becoming obsessed with Funkos kept them in the box and called to mind the Beanie Baby obsession — don’t touch the tags! (For the record, I unpack mine). Then, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy over the summer and became mildly obsessed with some of the characters (namely Groot and Nebula) and happened to order a LootCrate around the same time. As fate would have it, I received my first Funko in that LootCrate — a limited edition, glow-in-the-dark Groot! While visiting my favorite comic book store a couple of weeks ago, I also picked up dancing baby Groot (because, obviously) and I am now waiting with bated breath for the release of Nebula (she’s pre-order only right now). So, presently, I only own the two Groots (they hang out together), but I also listed some cuties I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection below: Beeeeeemo, Bambi (for pure cuteness value), Gogo and Nebula. Typically, I dislike the way they do hair on POP figures, but I really like Gogo’s, and Nebula is well, bald. Anyway, I don’t think my collection will grow much larger simply due to my aforementioned dislike of clutter, but I can see myself owning a couple more to round out a nice Funko dinner party.

February 4th, 2015

outfit no. 117

We went to Sonoma this past weekend to pick up our wine club selections, and I will just say that although I’ve never owned an $80 bottle of wine before — I do now! A definite upgrade from Two Buck Chuck. I guess I will have to give in and drink it at some point instead of gingerly holding it like a baby in my lap. An added bonus of wine club membership is the free tasting that we receive at the vineyard. Hence this picture of me holding onto a Pinot Noir like it’s my job.

The pants I’m wearing in this photo are the ones I previously mentioned picking up on sale. However, as you can see, I am quite a bit shorter than the model, resulting in a much slouchier look. The pants ran large on me as well and are perhaps a half size too big. But when I first put them on, they felt like heaven. So, so comfortable. Magical cloud pants! And I found that the side zippers allow for a bit of slouch reduction. I was torn between washing / drying them in an attempt to perform some shrinkage or just embracing the slouch — I chose the latter and have already worn them 3 times since their arrival.

Shirt: J Crew // Pants & Shoes: Gap // Sunglasses: RayBan

February 2nd, 2015

outfit no. 116

So, my life has been a whirlwind of convalescence lately resulting in a lot of neutral fashion choices, getting lost on the bus to the doctor, a stockpile of tissues and a related issue of dry skin on my nose. Now, I think I’ve finally overcome the lingering illness because having health insurance is fairly fabulous. Hooray full-time employment! Unrelated, but the weather in San Francisco has been utterly fabulous lately, sunny and warm, and it sucks being sick when the weather is great. So, we have upcoming plans to abuse the weather to the fullest extent possible in Big Sur, Tahoe and Sonoma. In short, I am glad to be well(ish).

The below ensemble is one of the neutral outfits I over-utilized during my illness — because apparently adults still have to go to work when they’re sick. I basically wore different sweaters over the bottom half of this outfit every day last week.

Sweater: Banana Republic (thrifted) // Dress: UO // Tights: H&M // Boots: Old Navy

January 28th, 2015

outfit no. 115

Ugh. I’ve been hit with the cold & flu symptoms circulating my school with a vengeance. I spent the last several days cooped up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and feeling utterly pitiful. I still made it to work, but I definitely took full advantage of the casual dress code, in the most unattractive sense of the word. But, hark! Finally! The sun is out and I have a sense of taste again (sort of)! This outfit never fails to make me feel like a teacher — it’s a combination of the ruffle accent and boyfriend blazer, methinks. Also, I can’t quit orange. No matter what time of year it is, I am almost always wearing some shade of orange. I am this close to getting an orange swimsuit and completing the synthesis. That said, I almost got rid of this blazer at one point because it didn’t fit into my aesthetic at the time; however, it has become one of my favorite accent pieces in recent months. This phenomenon of falling back in love with something I almost cast aside is not common for me (I tend to be rather ruthless when it comes to culling my wardrobe), but I am really glad it was saved from the donation bin.

Dress: swapped // Boots: thrifted // Tights: ModCloth // Blazer: UO (old)