September 19th, 2018

dungeons & discourse // no. 6, frost haven.

Note: This is the tentative conclusion to Osiria’s story as this particular campaign has disbanded irl — I will soon be posting from a different POV because we’ve started something new. // Part of a series: (no. 1, saltwater // no. 2, avian // no. 3, reunion // no. 4, poison heart // no. 5, the greenwylde)

It was cold. A soul-biting frigidity that settled inside her bones as

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May 1st, 2018

dungeons & discourse // no. 5, the greenwylde.

This is part of an ongoing series: (no. 1, saltwater // no. 2, avian // no. 3, reunion // no. 4, poison heart)

Osiria sat cross-legged on the cushions in her new state room — well, the state room that had previously belonged to a pair of recently dispatched ship’s musicians. They had, unenviably, turned out to be sea hags rather than bards. It was unfortunate, Osiria thought, because

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March 15th, 2018

dungeons & discourse // no. 4, poison heart.

This is part of an ongoing series: (no. 1, saltwater // no. 2, avian // no. 3, reunion)

The altercation had turned bloody rather quickly, all said. Those blasted bards immediately shape-shifted into giant scorpions, their venomous tails dripping with a chartreuse poison. The more impertinent female half-elf, Trella, had remained in her human form.

Recognizing that the situation had spiraled out of her meager diplomatic

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February 9th, 2018

dungeons & discourse // not your healer.

Is anyone really surprised that gatekeeping is alive and well in the tabletop gaming community?

An all-female, actual play DnD podcast I follow, The Broadswords, retweeted the meme screencap on the left with the comment “Can we vomit any harder?” Of course, as soon as it was retweeted more than, like, five times, male gamers came out to question, “hey, what’s with all the hate?”

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January 25th, 2018

dungeons & discourse // no. 3, reunion.

This is part of an ongoing series: (no. 1, saltwater // no. 2, avian)

The air smelled of burning and dense tendrils of silver grey smoke sat heavily within the clearing. Usually a comforting scent, it reminded Osiria of campfires and sleeping under the stars, she instead felt her stomach turn over at the sight of the goddess Umberlee’s charred temple. Ash fell and settled around her like dirty

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January 11th, 2018

dungeons & discourse // no. 2, avian.

This is part of an ongoing series: (no. 1, saltwater)


The boat. Why hadn’t they gotten on the damn boat?

Instead, her compatriots decided to dismantle said boat, hide the pieces to protect a potential getaway, and high-tail it over to the lighthouse which sat one mile up the beach. The overarching idea being that someone was operating the thing and it was

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December 15th, 2017

dungeons & discourse // no. 1, saltwater.

[I’ve decided to write a series of short fiction pieces about my D&D 5e character, Osiria Lunamond and her ongoing adventure. She’s a wood elf beastmaster-ranger from the island of Evermeet. Her animal companions are two sibling blood hawks: Artemis & Archimedes. She tends to wear a cloak to conceal her oddly toned white & blue hair. She has a talent for pan-flute, naturalist illustrations, tracking, and distrusting pretty

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