March 2nd, 2015

hiking // snapshots on mt tam.

Spring has arrived in California. Golden Gate Park is peppered with crushed, pink Magnolia blossoms, escapees that have drifted over the botanical garden’s walls and whose ultimate fate was decided under the foot of a passing pedestrian. The cherry blossoms around Stowe Lake have already bloomed and faded, so quickly and quietly passersby might not have noticed it was happening at all.

The fleeting nature of spring brings forth flora I can’t spot at any other time of the year and, as I hiked around Mt. Tam State Park and pieces of the Muir Woods this weekend, I hungrily snapped photos of the flowers peeking through reddish dirt.

I spent Saturday morning winding myself through redwoods, arriving at last above the tree line where I perched on a rock to watch the sun climb higher in an expansive cerulean sky. To my left, I could see the Pacific Ocean stretching out into eternity, to my right trees upon trees repeated themselves in an endless pattern that only nature can perfect. My hiking boots dangled toward the earth while I peeled my mandarin, carefully excising the outer skin to expose the bright, fleshy center, and thought a single word, “Perfection.”

  • We are so, so far from spring, or at least it feels that way under all this snow. I’m living vicariously through your reports of better weather & green things!

    • I don’t want to sound braggy about the weather… but it’s been amazing here & I want to be outside all the time. Amen.

  • This is such a beautiful piece of writing Abby! The world deserves to see more of your words (ideally collected into sentences, paragraphs, and ultimately books).

    • This made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Maybe one day I will have the confidence and drive to write something down again.