March 30th, 2015

ootd // that birk life.

I bought a pair of Birkenstocks after hemming and hawing over them for years. I’ve always liked how they looked but was hesitant to take the monetary plunge. Recently, I decided to treat myself upon receipt of this years tax refund. So far, I’ve been told I look like a Berkley theology professor and, when I paired them with the slouchy socks featured,┬áthat I look like I am going to Jazzercise class. I maintain there are worse things to be associated with and my feet feel like they are pillowed inside shoe-clouds, so I can hardly be bothered by the perceptions of others. I wore this outfit to collect sand dollars on Ocean Beach with a friend.

Shirt: Gap (thrifted) // Jeans: Gap // Sandals: Birkenstock // Sunglasses: RayBan

  • San

    Love, love, love Birkenstocks! I own two pairs and I love how the US have made them somewhat trendy and acceptable to wear in public… in Germany, people still associate Birkenstocks with being “house shoes”. ;)

  • I love them but Fredrik wears them for work so in our house they are regulated the designated nurses shoes.

  • Love your shirt! That drape is very oh la :)

  • PKW

    Great look on you! I am a huge fan of the white T Shirt and Jeans as my go to look- but go with Teva’s instead of Birkenstocks… to each her own favorite comfort shoe!

  • Whitney H

    I know I’ve told you a million times but I’m in love with your bangs! This is one of my favorite outfits ever on you.

  • Vic Carr

    I like trendy nurses shoes much…